US Economy

US Economy

US Economy, not a dream enymore?

People used to think that living “the American dream” would last forever, but that “dream” is not a reality and there are no jobs around the corner anymore.

Right now everybody is on the look and talking about a new recession. Americans might be enjoying low gas rates and even earning more money but they are not expending too much, not even during the past holiday season. Consumers represent 70% of the economy so if they are not opening up the wallets they might not be able to save the US of having an economic recession.

In fact, people is saving money which is not bad, but does not help at this time the US economy, it needs people to spend money so it can grow.

Global economy is also decreasing, impacting the manufacturing sector which represents 10% of the US economy.

US market is also dragged due to the lack of buyer’s demand from abroad and a strong US dollar that is making the products being more expensive at another countries; however, the markets showed and increased in January.

“US markets might have decided that US is going thru a recession, but obviously no one told the American consumers”, said Paul Ashworth, chief north American economist.

Grupo Denim, a successful manufacturing company from México, has seen a decreased on their sales starting 2016. “ We are confident that if a US recession happens, we will continue running our business, sales might be slow sometime but our company has always managed in an excellent way past recessions. Right now, we are being hit by a strong US dollar and a weak economy, Walmart is closing stores, and some others will follow the same path, right now consumers prefer to buy everything on line”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.