How can procrastination kill your projects?

How can procrastination kill your projects?

How to avoid procrastination killing your projects?

Procrastination is a real frequent trend that makes most of the people delay for tomorrow what they can do today, which could create serious problems, especially if you are working on a project, so today we will show you how to avoid delaying your tasks.

“Procrastination is only good when it is absolutely necessary, if we keep on postponing everything, we will meet with a bottleneck that might kill a project or a big deal, it is important to have a correct administration of the time to take advantage of it each day”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you are used to procrastinate, you will immerse into a behavior that will lead you to always postpone everything indefinitely, even if it is something really urgent, for an entrepreneur this is not only unprofessional but can lead him to other problems such as losing a project or business.

On the employment world, procrastination is caused by some different causes, such as lack of incentives that would motivate employees to make a good job in short terms, making them postpone their tasks for as much as possible.

Procrastination might not only damage businesses or a job position, it can also affect other areas such as health, it is important not to delay anything that can be done immediately, from closing a deal to making a medical check.

The best solution to avoid procrastination is to always find a reason that keeps you motivated. Only with a firm goal there are no excuses to executive and achieve any plans that an entrepreneur makes in search of success.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal also said: “For a compromised entrepreneur, there are no excuses, nor procrastination, as this is not related to rationality, if you are willing to do something, you must find the time to make it possible”.