Importance of education, not degrees

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Entrepreneurs know the importance of education, not degrees

Nowadays, there are countless entrepreneurs looking for new techniques to succeed, knowing the importance of having a good education more than just having a degree, this does not mean quitting from studying but probably doing both things at the same time, knowing that a degree is important for life but it is not necessarily the key to be successful.

“Some people think that to be an entrepreneur, you need to be born for it, but it is not entirely accurate, you can learn how to start your own business, the most you are informed about businesses, listen to other ones’ experiences and read, the better you be prepared”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim and a Mexican entrepreneur.

To start your own business, you will require a networking, a successful businessman knows how important it is to have good relationships, to always be willing to meet new people, and this is part of an education that is not included on the traditional system.

Money, experience, success on business are things you will gain with practice, some entrepreneurs even think that the younger you start, the most possibilities you will have to overcome to the obstacles and succeed.

A degree can give you knowledge, but nothing replaces the practical experience which is much better than a learning you will obtain based on theories. As some say, you will learn so much better if you build a business than if you read about doing it.

There is an open controversy about leaving the college, of course, we know stories about some of the most successful and rich entrepreneurs that dropped out of college, but better than quitting is to put a pause on your studies if you have a clear opportunity to start your own successful business.

“Some people starts their own business looking for their autonomy, being an entrepreneur means a great responsibility not only with the persons trusting you but with yourself and the idea of not failing to your own dreams”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.