What makes a leader so different?

What makes a leader so different?

What makes a leader be different?

A true leader has different characteristics that make him unique. In this article we will show you some of them so you can find out if you are one of them.

“A true leader owns an inexhaustible desire to improve in all senses every day, with humility to learn from the others and become better, which inspires the ones around him to give the best of themselves too”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some characteristics that make a true leader different to the rest:

  1. A true leader wakes up each morning seeing the world in a different way and trying to find out how to change it for the best.
  2. If you want to become a true leader, the first thing you must do is to engage with everything you start, this will make your projects more attractive and will make people join you.
  3. A true leader is innovative, always taking the first step that will lead them to their goals.
  4. A successful leader is not that one who does not fear anything, it is the one who is able to handle the fears and move on, as they know failure is a possibility, but it is necessary to learn from mistakes and succeed.
  5. A true leader is very empathic, he does not only know the members of his team, but is able to discover their strengths and make a stronger team.
  6. If you want to become a true leader, be friends with goals, as the person who has clear goals knows well where he is heading to.

“It is important, as a leader, to keep a positive attitude, as this will make your environment better, making people want to stay near you, you must also be passionate about what you do, as that will help you enjoying your way to succeed”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Improving your image as a leader

Improving your image as a leader

How to improve your image as a leader

To begin with this topic, we must be very aware than a job position does not turn a person into a leader, as it involves several of different characteristics and in this article, we will help you improving your image to become the leader you aspire to be.

“A leader must inspire respect and trust, must become a person that wants to be followed, instead of a person that must be followed, a true leader is always trying to develop himself personal and professionally”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a Mexican entrepreneur and president of Grupo Denim.

But how to take care of your image as a leader? Here are some suggestions we hope you find useful:

  1. Verbally – You should be able to communicate with other persons in a clear way. Verbal communications consists in what you say and write; make sure you express what you really mean to.
  2. Not verbally – How you act and react and the way you dress will say more than you can imagine, so you should be conscious of your posture, gestures and the clothes you choose every day. Your body will express your security, remember that.
  3. Every leader must be very aware of his goals and where he is heading his team to; otherwise, he will choose any available ways that cannot only affect him but this whole company. Know your vision and accept your mission responsibly.
  4. A leader will always set the example, if you want your team to dress formally, you must be the first one wearing impeccable clothes, which does not mean spending lots of money on clothes but choosing the right ones and making professional outfits with the garments in your closet.

“A leader must be able to transmit his personality, knowledge and experience, these tools will make him capable to lead a group of people to reach their goals as individuals and as a whole team”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Nature of leadership

Nature of leadership

Nature of leadership, what makes a leader to excel?

Human relationships have always consisted in a complex state of power, hierarchy and domination but nowadays one of the most important and effective ways to achieve links between human beings are through leadership.

When it comes about leadership, we talk about those personas in charge of playing the part of a leader, whether it is temporarily or permanently.

In an interview with Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of an important company in Mexico named Grupo Denim, he gave us his opinions in regards to this topic:

Interviewer: Do you think a leader can apply what he knows on some other parts apart from work?

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal: Of course, leadership is not necessarily linked to a job only, a good leader will always excel within a family, friends or educational circles.

I: How would you define a good leader?

SJMV: We use to picture a leader as an authority figure, but I see it more like that person who can apply his authority in a natural way, capable of gathering his working team and working all together to achieve a common goal.

It is always important that a leader is recognized as so by all members in a company, he must be able to show a coherent and clear leadership, it will be with his experience and knowledge that he will know how to work with his coworkers and not by fear, threats or panic as some tend to think, as that might bring that leader respect, but it won’t be voluntary and will vanish easily.

It is important to always keep in mind that a compromised leader will always act in benefit of the company and not for his own interests.

“Every company needs good leaders to succeed, as it helps better for a group of persons to work as a team by a figure that is able to handle leadership in a good way, that will bring better results than if each person would work independently”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.