Importance of customer’s reference

Importance of customer's reference

Customer’s reference: The best type of publicity for your business

Companies are constantly innovating on their publicity, trying to find new ways to be known in more places, especially now that competition is something really hard to deal with, when you, as a customer, find something really good at a very interesting price, you can find the same product at a really lower price in some other place, especially when you look on the web, so today we will show you one of the best publicity that you can count with: your customer’s reference.

“In Grupo Denim it is one of the main priorities to keep a close communication with our customers, making sure to listen to any concerns they have so they know they can count on receiving a product of the best quality”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company in Mexico.

But why is it so important to have a good reference from your customers? Well, they answer is simple, a potential new customer will be convinced to get your products or services in a 82% if they can see good references from previous customers, which is clearly a more effective method than any type of publicity.

If you have a website, always allow your customers to put their comments and concerns, people will check on them before even looking at your brand and what you can offer.

Social networks are a great way to help your company is known in more places and by more persons in the world, so invite your customers to recommend your products but offer them something in return. You can make a contest where a hash tag of your brand can be used and you can offer something in return to the winner.

“It is very important to meet your customers’ needs, they will give you their loyalty in return and can offer you the best type of publicity by recommending your products to any new customers you have not known yet”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.