Distractions affect our jobs

distractionsHow distractions affect our jobs?

We all have different distractors that can be part of the daily activities, such as answering the phone, or solving unexpected issues, to the ones that should be avoided, and those can even make us lose more hours or can even make you work extra time, so today we will show you those distractions that can be minimized in order to be more productive.

“Distractions at a workplace do not only make us loose valuable time at the office, but it can lead us to get delays or even errors, so it is very important that we remain focus on what we develop in order to be productive in an effective manner”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some of the main distractions that can turn into boosting the levels of productivity in a workplace:

  • Smartphones – Technology has helped us breaking barriers, smartphones allow us to communicate with persons around the world in seconds with a text or a simple call; however, most of the time, they are not used for working only, instead, smartphones are used most of the time to check on the social nets, remember that cell phones are supposed to make a job easier, so use it for tasks related to your work.
  • Chatting – Of course, we spend most of the day with our co-workers, so it is normal that we talk to each other and discuss personal matters from time to time; however, a chatty co-worker can be of great distraction, use conversations to build relationships with your co-workers, we all need to relax, but be conscious about when the talk has been enough.
  • E-mails – Surprisingly, using the e-mail service can be more distractive than any other things, it is absolutely necessary, but make sure it does not become an obsession to stop everything you are doing in order to answer e-mails as soon as you get them.

“Being a productive worker is completely related to remain focus and calmed, working in a healthy environment, as free of distractions as it can be, can get all of the team to reach their goals and being a part of a successful company”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.