Getting creative ideas for business

Getting creative ideas for your business

How to get creative ideas for your business?

Entrepreneurs are usually filled with amazing ideas to develop for their companies, but sometimes it is not as simple as it sounds. So, in this article we will give you some ideas that will pull your and your teamwork’s creative side.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim and a Mexican entrepreneur, shared with us his thoughts about this topic: “It is important that you, as an entrepreneur, are willing to listen to your teamwork, they might have some brilliant ideas that they are willing to share with you, so make sure to keep a close communication with them”.

The following techniques will help you having creative ideas that can improve your business and get you closer to your goals:

  • If you want to apply an idea in order to improve the performance of your enterprise and make it grow, start from a main idea that will define what you are intending to change and interchange ideas with your teamwork. Brainstorming can be the solution for your problem.
  • Creative ideas can be the solution to increase your productivity, decrease costs and other aspects that need improvement in your company. But how to achieve it? Gather with your teamwork, put the main situations that your company is facing on the wall, all members of your team will write down the possible solution and share them with the entire group.
  • It is important for you, as a leader, to be trustworthy, lightening up the environment by asking your teamwork to share the worst, and more terrible ideas to solve the solution, this will create a lighter atmosphere, when everybody feels more relaxed, ask them to think of those solutions on the opposite way.

“Being able to come with creative ideas is essential for an entrepreneur, but you have to be surrounded by a strong teamwork that will also support you in this part to make the company keep on growing up with new solutions that will allow you to face any new challenges”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Importance of good partnership in business

Importance of good partnership in business

Importance of choosing great partnerships for your business

If you want to make big things, do them by yourself. If you want to make extraordinary things, do it with a team. This article is intended to show you the importance of surrounding by the right people and choosing the best partnership for your business.

“It is essential to work with the right people that aspire to the same things, search for success as you are doing it and contributes with ideas that will make your company grow up”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

But how to know if you are associating with the right partner? First step and maybe the most important one is to trust that person, by trusting your instincts. If you ever think of making a partnership with a person who is highly recommended but you do not feel you can trust him, stop before it is too later. Putting everything in writing is as important as finding the right partner, so always make sure both sides know where the boundaries are, which role you will play and your compensations. A clear contract agreed by both parts is essential before you start any partnership.

Getting a new partner for your business will be, somehow, similar to marrying a person, you have to date him or her to know each other better before you take that very important decision of joining, and the same goes for business, if you want to know if your possible business partner is trustworthy, you must know him for at least one year.

If you have decided to get partners for your company, it will be recommended not to get more than two; many different opinions and way of thinking can cause trouble at a company.

“Partnership should be a tool to make your company stronger, get someone you really trust in, who has strengths that will complement you and ideas that will make your business become more successful”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Becoming more confident in business

Becoming more confident in business

How to become more confident on business?

Being confident is a powerful tool that can open you many doors at business, so in this article we will give you tips that will help you improve your confidence every day.

“It is important to show confidence personal and professionally, and for that, it is necessary to be prepared, read and learn as much as you can as you will show your confidence on the way you act and the words you say”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim and a Mexican entrepreneur.

Confidence will give you advantage on business, if you want to improve it, here are some tips that will help you achieving it:

  1. Read – You will always have a different view about things when you read. The more you read, the more prepared you will be to talk about any topic, which will make you feel confident to establish a conversation with anyone.
  2. Keep yourself inform – We are not talking about listening to the news all day long as that will keep you on a constant level of stress. But when you are informed about the situations around you, you will be confident when you talk about a specific topic.
  3. Be humble – It is easy to make mistakes, what is really hard is to accept them, be humble and apologize when you have done wrong, that will help you walking in life with confidence.
  4. Be kind – We mistaken weakness with kindness and they are two different things. Being kind will make you look as a more confident person with everyone around you, and will also produce that others will treat you better.

“Every person has characteristics that make them unique and strength that will give them the confidence to stand out from the rest, but it is necessary to identify them and work on them to improve the self-esteem and become better every day”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Diversity of talent

Diversity of talent

Diversity of talent: The key to grow up on business in 2017

2016 is almost over, so many companies have already planned their strategies to increase their sales, make their companies grow up and create more job sources, and although 2017 will be a year full of challenges for entrepreneurs, it is also proving to be an excellent year to strengthen strategies that will help them persevere, and, in this article, we will focus quality that will change the companies: diversity of talent.

“Entrepreneurs must see the many benefits that the diversity of talents within a company can carry on, as it is only with a strong teamwork that a company can stand firm through the obstacles”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a Mexican entrepreneur and current president of Grupo Denim.

Organizations looking to have competitive advantages must know the importance of diversity among the members of the company, as each one can offer different abilities that will represent a benefit.

Accepting diversity of talents within a company will mean you will have more alternatives as all members of a teamwork will contribute with their ideas, improving the projects and making it easier to take the best decisions.

Heterogeneity on your company’s talent will help you entering into more markets, and by being more empathic with your customers, you will discover more loyalty from them with your company, decreasing the numbers of your sales and your whole business.

Those companies who embrace diversity have a clear competitive advantage versus their opposites. Some of the biggest enterprises have already noticed its importance and have taken the necessary actions to include more personnel when taking decisions.

“Inclusion and diversity bring many different benefits to a company, by having different perspectives, you can take better decisions for your company’s growth, so it is important to consider the talents of each member of your teamwork”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Importance of health on business

Importance of health on business

Why is health so important for your business?

An entrepreneur is very busy at the beginning of his project taking care of the business, to increase the profits, get new customers, everything he needs to succeed, but it is very common that he forgets about something very important: his health.

“An entrepreneur is under much stress carrying the financial situations or pressure to make his business work, the excess of work can make the body react differently, carrying serious health problems, that is why it is very important for an entrepreneur to always look at his condition and do whatever is needed to have an optimal health”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

An entrepreneur is constantly under different stress situations and this become so common that they even get to see it as part of their daily life, but this is not the right thing to do. Leading with the stress will sometimes help you to give the best of you, but it will eventually carry serious problems that will affect your health, and a person who is not in an optimal condition will hardly be completely dedicated to make his business succeed.

The reality is that without health there is no business. An entrepreneur has a very busy life, ignoring any symptom of feeling bad, but the body will sooner or later respond with an illness that will not be controlled easily.

If you spend all of your time dedicated to your business, once you have a chance to breathe and take a break on a family vacation, you will for sure get sick; this is because the body will find the exact time to take out the stress.

Taking vitamins, exercising and sleeping at least 7 hours each day are not luxuries but actual needs that an entrepreneur must execute if he aspires to maintain a good health and be focused on his business.

“We are used to live in a hurry, so we do not pay attention to our health and we must prioritize it as your success will depend of your optimal state in all aspects of your life”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Importance of your life’s partner support on business

Importance of your life partner’s support on business

Importance of your life partner’s support to succeed on business

It is being said that succeed is a lonely road, but this is not accurate, actually, many of the most successful entrepreneurs have reached their goals thanks to the support and credibility of their wife or husband who has been next to them on their way up. This time, we will tell you about the important that your partner’s support might have if you want to succeed on the business world.

“An entrepreneur looks for success mainly to give a better life to his beloved ones, it is important to have the support of your family, as that will encourage you to fight for your dreams and become a better person each day”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some of the reasons as to why it is so important to have a supportive life partner to succeed:

  1. Encouraging – A supportive partner is not necessarily one that will be satisfied with whatever you can offer, even if it is not enough, but one that will encourage you to chase your dreams, to be successful, to work harder to become the best version of yourself.
  2. Communication – An entrepreneurs is usually under a lot of stress, having a partner to talk about what keeps him worried makes a significant change on their mood, by feeling emotionally supported, that is why it is important to have a partner who would be willing to listen to them.
  3. Support – A life partner is able to show their support to the entrepreneurs in many different levels, such as encouraging them to go chase their dreams, supporting them to take a decision on a risky deal and with belief, if a person feels someone else believe in him, he will do more than what it is necessary to pay back for it.

“Having the support of your family is extremely valuable, when you feel some trusts in your abilities, you must prove they are not wrong”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Business without technology

Business without technology

How to get a business starter when you are not into technology?

Many people dreams of starting their own business, but knowing that we live in a digital epoch where technology seems to control everything, they are doubtful about how much success they can have, especially when they are not into technology, well, do not worry anymore as we will show you some very useful ideas to start your own project that do not require being a master of tech.

“Technology has been a great tool to increase businesses, mainly by breaking the distance barriers, as we can now communicate with people from around the world in a matter of seconds; however, there are still plenty of fields that do not require such a great help of technology, visionaries still see these opportunities as a change to start new projects”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some businesses that even today do not require much of the hand of technology to succeed:

  • Day cares – Many children seem to know way too much about technology, but parents are pretty confident when they leave them on the hands of a person who wants to go back to basics, teaching them how to play without the need of a mobile, so as long as you can provide them a funny an safety place, your day care can be very successful.
  • Bakery – If you love cooking, opening your own bakery could be a very challenging and interesting business; this is a great project where technology is not as helpful as making great desserts.
  • Food trucks – Many entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses with a food truck, all you need to do is find a good food that will sell well, depending on the places you want to establish your truck, and forget about technology as you will not need it here.

As the above, there are plenty of different examples for businesses that do not require much of the technology.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal added: “There are plenty of different businesses that work just as well now as they did in the past, and the latest advances of technology has not been present on this success, it is important to use the necessary tools to make our daily jobs easier, but when they are not required, nothing will replace what you and your hands can do”.

Get free from concerns

Get free from concerns

How to get free from unnecessary concerns 

If you are too busy worrying about those things that “can happen”, you will not have enough time to focus on those things that matter, and that is exactly one of the secrets of some of the most powerful and successful entrepreneurs, getting free from unnecessary concerns, which is exactly what we will talk about this time. 

“There are many things that can keep an entrepreneurs unfocused, such as fearing failure or uncertainty for the future of their business, but by letting go those fears about things that you cannot really control, you will put all your energy on those things that will lead you to succeed”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a Mexican businessman and current president of Grupo Denim. 

Here are some unnecessary concerns that you have to get out of your head if you want to be a successful entrepreneur: 

  • Fear to succeed – As amazing as it might sound, it is true, many entrepreneurs are too afraid of success and by getting corrupted by it, that they really can sabotage it.
  • Fear to quit – All entrepreneurs know how real it can be to face failure and possibly have to quit, not only to their project but also to their dreams, but while you keep on working on your project and developing new ideas, quitting will not be a real option.
  • Finding a balance between their business and life – An entrepreneur’s life is a real busy one, but do not stop for fear, you will have to give it all at the beginning, but when your business gives you the results you want, you will have more than enough time to spend with the ones you love.

“A successful entrepreneurs do not stop his own success thinking about the things he might face once he starts, they instead start and sort out the obstacles on their way”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Business to start immediately

Business to start immediately

Business you can start immediately

Some people are looking for something more than a regular schedule to work every day, and in order to do so, they start their own business, where there are no bosses. If you want to join these entrepreneurs, we will share with you some news you might want to apply, all you need is enough conviction to succeed.

“Everyone can start a great business from a small investment and a good idea, all you need to do is fight for an opportunity and take it, it is not easy to be successful but if you have enough determination, the rewards worth it”,  says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, entrepreneur and actual president of Grupo Denim, a Mexican manufacturer company.

Here are some ideas for business you can start immediately:

  • Virtual Assistant – Do you have strong organization skills and time administration? You can then work as a virtual assistant offering your service at persons who are busy to handle their own agendas but do not want to spend extra money in an assistant at their office.
  • Taxicab for pets – There are many owners of pets that would love to have a taxi driver who can carry their pets to the veterinary.
  • Baby-sitter – We all know families who would pay well to have a baby-sitter available, if you love kids, you can start your own business as baby-sitter.
  • Temporary employment agency – There are many companies looking for temporary workers, your business will consist on finding those enterprises and those persons who would like to work there.

“There are many open spaces for people looking to grow up on business, some of the biggest companies we all know today started as a dream, so we can all use their example to chase our dreams”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

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