Improving your image as a leader

Improving your image as a leader

How to improve your image as a leader

To begin with this topic, we must be very aware than a job position does not turn a person into a leader, as it involves several of different characteristics and in this article, we will help you improving your image to become the leader you aspire to be.

“A leader must inspire respect and trust, must become a person that wants to be followed, instead of a person that must be followed, a true leader is always trying to develop himself personal and professionally”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a Mexican entrepreneur and president of Grupo Denim.

But how to take care of your image as a leader? Here are some suggestions we hope you find useful:

  1. Verbally – You should be able to communicate with other persons in a clear way. Verbal communications consists in what you say and write; make sure you express what you really mean to.
  2. Not verbally – How you act and react and the way you dress will say more than you can imagine, so you should be conscious of your posture, gestures and the clothes you choose every day. Your body will express your security, remember that.
  3. Every leader must be very aware of his goals and where he is heading his team to; otherwise, he will choose any available ways that cannot only affect him but this whole company. Know your vision and accept your mission responsibly.
  4. A leader will always set the example, if you want your team to dress formally, you must be the first one wearing impeccable clothes, which does not mean spending lots of money on clothes but choosing the right ones and making professional outfits with the garments in your closet.

“A leader must be able to transmit his personality, knowledge and experience, these tools will make him capable to lead a group of people to reach their goals as individuals and as a whole team”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.