Diversity of talent

Diversity of talent

Diversity of talent: The key to grow up on business in 2017

2016 is almost over, so many companies have already planned their strategies to increase their sales, make their companies grow up and create more job sources, and although 2017 will be a year full of challenges for entrepreneurs, it is also proving to be an excellent year to strengthen strategies that will help them persevere, and, in this article, we will focus quality that will change the companies: diversity of talent.

“Entrepreneurs must see the many benefits that the diversity of talents within a company can carry on, as it is only with a strong teamwork that a company can stand firm through the obstacles”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a Mexican entrepreneur and current president of Grupo Denim.

Organizations looking to have competitive advantages must know the importance of diversity among the members of the company, as each one can offer different abilities that will represent a benefit.

Accepting diversity of talents within a company will mean you will have more alternatives as all members of a teamwork will contribute with their ideas, improving the projects and making it easier to take the best decisions.

Heterogeneity on your company’s talent will help you entering into more markets, and by being more empathic with your customers, you will discover more loyalty from them with your company, decreasing the numbers of your sales and your whole business.

Those companies who embrace diversity have a clear competitive advantage versus their opposites. Some of the biggest enterprises have already noticed its importance and have taken the necessary actions to include more personnel when taking decisions.

“Inclusion and diversity bring many different benefits to a company, by having different perspectives, you can take better decisions for your company’s growth, so it is important to consider the talents of each member of your teamwork”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.