Actions to get away from comfort zone

Actions to get away from your comfort zone

Actions that will take you away from the danger of a comfort zone

It is vital to leave the comfort zone for any person chasing for success and wellness; however, as necessary as it is, not many entrepreneurs are willing to take this decisive step, and today we will talk about all great things that can happen in your personal and business life when you are willing to do the unthinkable.

“Comfort zone is a safe place, where we all want to be, but it is quite dangerous for business, if you feel good enough, you might probably not doing all you have to do to ensure your company’s success, our mind works better when we feel a little stressed and starts working slowly when we are in a comfort zone”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, Mexican entrepreneur and current president of Grupo Denim.

If you want to leave that dangerous comfort zone, here are some actions that might seem a little bit uncomfortable but at the end will act in your own benefit:

  • Wake up early – We relate self-employment with waking up later, but it is actually the opposite, successful businessmen and celebrities wake up very early in the morning, you will have more time in the day to make all of your activities and will think better of your ideas to reach your goals.
  • Talk to unknown people – We all have experienced that feeling of discomfort when sitting next to an unknown person, but you must practice the social interaction if you want to expand your mind, increase your self-confidence and build a social network that will help your business grow up, you never know who you are meeting.
  • Focusing on a project – For an entrepreneur, focusing on one single project at the time might not only feel uncomfortable but pretty risky, as there is always a possibility to fail, but when you focus your energy and time on that project, you will work harder to make it work. If you work on different projects at the time, will make you spend more energy and time.

“Getting out of the comfort zone is not an easy decision, but it is the right one for those looking for a successful and growing business, by making small changes on the way of running the company and changing habits every day for more challenging ones, great things can happen”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Be thankful to have a successful business

Be thankful to have a successful business

Importance of being thankful to have a successful business

Being thankful is a habit that we must practice daily, we live so fast that we, most of the time, do not take time to thank the others about anything, especially on the business world, so today we will talk about this important topic and how important it is to be grateful if you want to have a successful and growing business.

“Expressing your gratitude to the others show them that you really appreciate their effort. It is important to recognize the other ones’ achievements and their hard work to make the company grow, and being thankful is a way to express it”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

But why is it so important to be thankful and how positively will it affect businesses? Well, in first place, gratitude will change your mind, to thank the others for a great job means that you are actually paying attention to it and are looking at the positive points of a work done, so if you want to change your mentality for a positive one, you will have to always find the positive on everything that surrounds you.

To be thankful you need to practice, so do this every day thanking the others for small details. You will end up with a day filled of gratitude that will not only change your mind in a positive way but will make the others feel more valued.

When you practice gratitude habits, you stop complaining and start acting, and the same will happen with the people who works for you, so if you want to be quicker on solving problems or taking decisions, start practicing thankfulness right away.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal also said: “Being thankful is contagious, so how great it is to spread positive thoughts everywhere, so start thanking the others genuinely for their jobs, appreciate their efforts and you will have a strong and positive working team”.

Gain respect at work

gain respect at work

Keys to gain respect at work

Is it hard for you to be considered and respected at work? Actually, this shouldn’t be that hard. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at a company, if you don’t have the essential habits and abilities to shine, then it will be difficult to stand out despite your talent. Then, how we can make it? Well, here are some keys for you to gain respect at work:

  • What you say it is important, but it is most important how you say it – If you would like to defend a point of view or if you have doubts about a certain subject, it is not wrong to ask or to defend it, but avoid it to do it in an aggressive way; the correct way will be to dare the traditional way of thinking.
  • If you fail, you will be criticized. Learn from that no one likes to receive criticisms, especially when these are negative. On these cases, it is easy to let our emotions take control of our thoughts, but there’s something you need to understand: we all need feedback because that will help our growth.
  • Actions help to build our character – Good intentions will not take too long. If you would like to increase your potential it is necessary to take action by establish your goals first and then built the way, these would be the positive actions.
  • Learn first, and then teach – It is important to learn how to make things and then take some time to absorb them. After this period, if you think that there’s a way to make an improvement, do not doubt in communicating your thoughts.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal added a comment about this article and said that we need tolearn from the experience of the other people. “ This will help us to know several methods already approved and by that time, those who take advantage will be available to hear your ideas and after sometime, you’ll be one of those experts”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Succeed on personal life and businesses

succeed on your life and businesses

How to succeed on your life as much as on your businesses?

We all want to be successful, but what does that really mean? It really is a matter of perspective, for some persons being successful means to become a better person each day, to be a good parent and friend, for some others it means to have a growing business, and for some others, it involves both, personal life and businesses, so for those who want it all, we have some interesting advices that will help you improve your success personal and professionally.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, advised “it is important to be successful on businesses, but it is just as important to always keep improving as a person, as a father, as a friend, and for this, it is necessary to keep a right balance between your business and your life”.

When an entrepreneur starts working on a project, he has one thing on his mind: being successful, no matter what, but if you are not careful enough, you might be neglecting other important things on the road, such as your personal life. Being focused on your business is essential, but leaving your life aside for it is not the right thing, the levels of stress at home will increase, the rest will start failing and you will end up being less productive which might, at the end, mean the failure for your company.

A good entrepreneur must have clear goals and make them happen, but that does not involve businesses only, setting the hours to spend in the office, and at home is just as an important, so make sure you always leave enough space to spend with your family, we understand most businessmen want to be successful to give their family a better life, but keep in mind that money is not all they need.

“Balancing life and businesses is a really hard task, but one that will make it better and easier for you on your search for success, so it is important to make it happen and have enough time for your personal activities and your business”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Business without technology

Business without technology

How to get a business starter when you are not into technology?

Many people dreams of starting their own business, but knowing that we live in a digital epoch where technology seems to control everything, they are doubtful about how much success they can have, especially when they are not into technology, well, do not worry anymore as we will show you some very useful ideas to start your own project that do not require being a master of tech.

“Technology has been a great tool to increase businesses, mainly by breaking the distance barriers, as we can now communicate with people from around the world in a matter of seconds; however, there are still plenty of fields that do not require such a great help of technology, visionaries still see these opportunities as a change to start new projects”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some businesses that even today do not require much of the hand of technology to succeed:

  • Day cares – Many children seem to know way too much about technology, but parents are pretty confident when they leave them on the hands of a person who wants to go back to basics, teaching them how to play without the need of a mobile, so as long as you can provide them a funny an safety place, your day care can be very successful.
  • Bakery – If you love cooking, opening your own bakery could be a very challenging and interesting business; this is a great project where technology is not as helpful as making great desserts.
  • Food trucks – Many entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses with a food truck, all you need to do is find a good food that will sell well, depending on the places you want to establish your truck, and forget about technology as you will not need it here.

As the above, there are plenty of different examples for businesses that do not require much of the technology.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal added: “There are plenty of different businesses that work just as well now as they did in the past, and the latest advances of technology has not been present on this success, it is important to use the necessary tools to make our daily jobs easier, but when they are not required, nothing will replace what you and your hands can do”.

Get free from concerns

Get free from concerns

How to get free from unnecessary concerns 

If you are too busy worrying about those things that “can happen”, you will not have enough time to focus on those things that matter, and that is exactly one of the secrets of some of the most powerful and successful entrepreneurs, getting free from unnecessary concerns, which is exactly what we will talk about this time. 

“There are many things that can keep an entrepreneurs unfocused, such as fearing failure or uncertainty for the future of their business, but by letting go those fears about things that you cannot really control, you will put all your energy on those things that will lead you to succeed”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a Mexican businessman and current president of Grupo Denim. 

Here are some unnecessary concerns that you have to get out of your head if you want to be a successful entrepreneur: 

  • Fear to succeed – As amazing as it might sound, it is true, many entrepreneurs are too afraid of success and by getting corrupted by it, that they really can sabotage it.
  • Fear to quit – All entrepreneurs know how real it can be to face failure and possibly have to quit, not only to their project but also to their dreams, but while you keep on working on your project and developing new ideas, quitting will not be a real option.
  • Finding a balance between their business and life – An entrepreneur’s life is a real busy one, but do not stop for fear, you will have to give it all at the beginning, but when your business gives you the results you want, you will have more than enough time to spend with the ones you love.

“A successful entrepreneurs do not stop his own success thinking about the things he might face once he starts, they instead start and sort out the obstacles on their way”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Success and failure are on the habits

Success and failure are on the habits

The difference between success and failure is on the habits

We have all heard about the many different habits that successful entrepreneurs practice every day, and those behaviors make them different to the average person, which makes them have what the average don’t, if you want to go for success and avoid failure, we will suggest you some of their daily habits.

“The success of an entrepreneur is directly linked on the way he or she behaves every day, being able to learn more each day, practicing to become a better person, reading more, waking up earlier, and staying positive will make a big difference to succeed”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, current president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company in Mexico.

If you want to be successful, you might want to practice these habits:

  • Listen to your co-workers – An entrepreneur has many people around him with different situations that want to share with them every day, it turns very difficult to listen to everyone, but it is worst not to listen to anyone, take your time to hear what they have to say, it will make a great difference on the success of your company if your employees can trust you.
  • Be humble – One of the biggest mistakes of an entrepreneur, and one that can lead him directly to failure is thinking that he has nothing to learn from the rest, if you are humble enough to understand that we all are teachable, you will make a significant difference that will lead you directly to succeed.
  • Pay attention to critics, but not too much – In your way up, there will be many persons trying to make you understand what you are doing wrong, it is true that you have to listen to critics once in a while and see what you can modify, but do not over-obsess about it as you can lose important time on it.

“Spend most of your energy on searching the correct way to succeed, change your daily habits, trust in your project and your working team, revert those bad habits that will not allow you to be the best”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

What kills the growth of your business

What kills the growth of your business

Signs that can kill the growth of your business 

On business, we need to be very aware of everything that goes around, including those blind spots that no one seems to pay attention to, as that might be where some signs that can kill your business’ growth might be appearing, and today we will talk further about them. 

“When you are in charge of a business, you cannot be alert 24/7 of all the corners of your business, but you must have a very trustable working team that will help you checking those signs that might not letting the company grow up as planned, they need to find out where the failure is and everyone should work together to fix it”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, current president of Grupo Denim, a business manufacturer company in Mexico. 

Many entrepreneurs are usually looking for new strategies to make their business grow up, but what they might be ignoring is that their strategies are fine as they are, they are just not been applied correctly, and you mainly need to watch the alert signs that are telling you already why your business is not growing as you had planned. 

A bad customer service is a clear sign that things are not going smooth, listen to your customers, see if they are content with the service that your Customer Department is giving them, if their product is being delivered on time, neglect on this sector might be a serious growth killer. 

Another sign that will not let you grow up is a week message that is not transmitting what your business is dedicated to or the products you can supply, many companies look for new possible customers to give them the company’s message, but if that is not clear enough, it will not matter how much people you tell about it. 

“It is important to always look for all spots where your business might be getting weak and work on them so you have a healthy and growing company”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.