Traits of Millennials

entrepreneurTraits of Millennials that all entrepreneurs must practice

Millennials are becoming some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the world, and some of the main things that have distinguished them from the average are their traits, so it is worth seeing how they behave and start modifying our daily attitudes accordingly.

“Millennials are a new type of businessmen with an energy that we could all learn from, entrepreneurs should always be willing to learn and I believe there is much to learn from the new generations”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, and a Mexican entrepreneur.

Here are some of the most outstanding traits from Millennial:

  1. Collaboration – Young businessmen act in a friendly manner, inspiring other ones to cooperate as teamwork, one different thing is that they do not go by their own on business but actually enjoy working together.
  2. Confidence – And by this we do not mean that they trust in themselves only, Millennials trust in their co-workers too, they grew in a different atmosphere, giving a real importance to the equality on relationships and feel great with the co-decision making.
  3. Entrepreneurship – Millennials are not afraid of change, they actually love starting new things, so they feel really comfortable out of their “comfort zone”, and more than a 50% of them are willing to start their own business.
  4. Business over work – Millennials have seen the life of a worker through their parents’ and grandparents’ eyes, seeing some of their relatives getting fired even after years of work and look for something different, something more secure.
  5. Adaptable – They are easy to adapt, Millennials grew up with the Internet, they know nothing different and can adjust, adapt and alter the technology to make it work for them, for Millennials, and there is no such thing as barriers.

“Millennials grew differently than the rest of us, they are responsible, are more focused about arguments than actions, are patient and are willing to take the world and change it, so it is worth to watch their behavior as we can learn really interesting thing from them”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

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