Find your vocation

vocationHow to find your vocation?

This is a question that has popped-up in our head at some point of our life, well, here are some tips from William Gaber that will help us to find our way and become a professional.

  • Ignore the future, live the present
  • Stop questioning about, what would I like to be? Change the question to: what is for TODAY?
  • Try several fields, try, experience, go wrong, and define.
  • Unless you try a suit, you will never know if it fits you, and the same thing is with vocations, hobbies, and abilities.
  • Do not follow somebody else’s dream

Your parents wanted for you to be “A”, your boss wants you to be “B”, your friends believe you could be “C” and the society says you should be “D”. The only way to start your own way is to believe in these words: YOU CANNOT MAKE EVERYBODY HAPPY and to think what makes YOU happy?

Look for people that you really want in your life, if you choose incorrect people to walk your way, it won’t work regardless the way is in the correct direction.

Give yourself permission to change your mind; no one can be sure to find the perfect way at a young age, like 18 years old. To change the way does not mean to give up, as long as you keep on moving forward.

Ask old people for an advice, most of the persons that have walked a long way, will tell you the same: the correct way has to do more with experience and satisfaction than with money.

For Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, be authentic is a must when trying to find a vocation, he also said we should never confuse a job with a purpose. “

For me, there’s no perfect answer, but there are so many options and we can always do what makes us happy, this is all life really means”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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