What is the textile design

What is the textile design?

What is the textile design and its importance on the fashion world?

Textile design is the area especially dedicated to produce all products on the textile industry, such as threads, fabrics, fibers, etc., which are generally used to manufacture products used to decorate or dress.

“Textile design is an important part of the textile industry, we in Mexico have an excellent quality on textiles, which makes us really competitive in front of some other countries dedicated to clothes manufacturing”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer in Mexico.

Textile design is also in charge of development technical textiles, which are all those fabrics that require a special elaboration, used for different purposes, such as medicine, engineering, architecture, sports, which are areas that demand unique textiles that are adapted to the activities they make.

The textile industry is one of the main sectors to impulse economy in Mexico and the whole world, not only because this sector produces items that are consumed in huge quantities by the public and traders, but also due to the numerous job sources it creates, including those companies indirectly related to this industry, such as dry cleaners, spinning, weaving, couture, among many others.

Industrial Revolution marked a significant change on the textile industry, making it easier to manufacture more garments made of cotton and other type of fabrics in big amounts and faster than they could manually, along with this, other areas such as coloring, bleaching and printing were developed, as well as the yarn machines, and the textile design is a vital part for this industry to keep on evolving.

“It is thanks to the textile industry that Mexico has been excelled in the world for the quality of the fabrics, threads and other materials used to manufacture high quality garments that the world demands and likes”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

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