Stress and its consequences

Stress and its consequencesStress and its consequences to health

Daily, we face too many labor challenges that lead you to a constant state of stress, which can bring serious consequences to health that might even be irreversible.

“Of course, actual life demands us to live in a much accelerated rhythm, but we should never forget that health goes first, that is why it is extremely important to take rests and decelerate every day before stress gets to beat us”, was the opinion of Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Here are some of the health consequences that you can face by staying in a constant state of stress:

  • Body ache: One of the most frequent aches caused by stress are usually on shoulders, waist and neck, this is not only a consequence of a bad posture on the chair used by so many hours by a worker, but also for the tension of the body.
  • Exhaustion: Stress can also carry a state of boredom, frustration and excessive fatigue, this might also cause a worker to lose interest on his daily tasks.
  • Headache: Another common symptom is headache, caused by the excessive concentration that a person might put on his tasks, as well as the extra effort to do all his work before the day ends, but be careful as a headache can also be caused by a need of glasses, or by not using the correct eyeglasses.
  • Obesity: Labor stress can cause weight problems in a person, as most people just have a few times during the working hours, which makes them eat fast and unhealthy meals.

“Some people think stress is “normal”, as it helps a person to be alert during the day, but stress is more serious than it seems and it is hard to control and, at the end, it can bring consequences to health, so it is very important to try to accomplish all daily goals but without letting stress to get hold on any of us”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.