Functions of a supervisor

Functions of a supervisor

Functions of a supervisor in a company

In a very general way, we can say that a supervisor has 4 main functions:

  1. To project – A supervisor must program or plan a whole working day, establishing priorities and their order, taking into account the resources and time to do it, as well as the grade of effectiveness of their co-workers, as well as the way of making sure that such work gets developed within their department. Projecting in short, medium and long terms is one of the main points to make sure a supervisor is successful.
  2. To lead – This part of the supervisor’s functions consists in delegating responsibilities, taking decisions, which implies that the supervisor should start by having a good relationship with the rest of the workers, trying to always give clear, specific and complete instructions and to always remember the general level of abilities of his or her workers.
  3. To develop – This function consists on a supervisor trying to improve constantly in a personal and team level, developing the skills of his workers by studying and analyzing their working methods and making training plans for the new and old personnel, this way, they will increase the efficiency levels of their working team, motivating them to work, increase their working satisfaction and be able to obtain a job pretty well done, with high quality and more productivity.
  4. To control – Means to create conscious to his workers so each one of them can control their own tasks this way, the supervisor will conciliate all of the planned objects. Supervising means controlling, and for this reason, the supervisor must evaluate his working team constantly in order to detect how good his plans are working and change the direction of the company when needed.

“A supervisor plays a very important role within a company. It is not only about a person having personnel in charge of you, it is also about being a real motivator, someone who leads his team to reach their goals as a company”, emphasized Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

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